Blogger interrogated, strip searched and banned from the US

This is not good. Really not. According to reports from the other side of the pond, well-known blogger Jeremy Wright has been “detained, strip searched, and banned from the United States after attempting to legally cross the Canadian-United States border on a trip to New York to meet with uber-publishers McGraw Hill, who were set to sign him as a consultant to the company on blogging.”

Apparently the US Immigration officials accused him of lying as they didn’t believe that he could be employed by blogging, with one official allegedly stating “you couldn’t be doing this blogging thing for a living”.

Wright have since the incident removed certain posts from his blog for legal reasons, but knowing Wright he will post them once the whole thing is over. Hang in there Jeremy, you’ve got our support. [Link via Micropersuasion.]

UPDATE: Jeremy seems to be a-wright. Interesting comment to his post: “If Canadian bloggers had flown the planes into the Towers, I might understand.”