Blog or no blog – it matters

Nicklas Lundblad reflects on the current process at Internetworld to name Sweden’s best blogs and, as I interpret it, about why blogs are so darn important. He writes:

“…why is it so important for everyone to be a part of the blog phenomenon? I have a website – kommenterat – where I write.

That’s it folks. Is it a blog? Is it a wiki? Is it a Typepad-driven libertarian opinion machine?

Who cares?!”

Well, I do. There is a distinct difference between a website and a blog in that I would never visit Nicklas Lundblad’s site on a regular basis (sorry), but since it is now in a blog format with an RSS feed, I am able to subscribe to his texts and that makes it a hundred times easier to follow what he writes. I can scan his posts and read the ones I am interested in, without having to go to the website to check if there are any new updates.

And the connectivity between blogs makes them infectious. If Lundblad makes a Technorati search on his blog, he will find this post in an instant. That would never happen if we had two separate websites.

Let’s face it, a genius without a channel to reach an audience, will not be heard or read but a mediocre writer like myself have hundreds of subscribers much thanks to the ease of use of the blog medium. The choice of channel is everything.