Person of the year: Bush, not bloggers

Bloggers weren’t named persons of the year by TIME magazine today. Small surprise, George W. Bush did it again, like he did in 2000. But of course it’s not all thumbs up for the President. As he puts it himself: “I don’t expect many short-term historians to write nice things about me.” Nuff said.

But bloggers get their piece of the pie too. TIME writes “10 things we have learned about blogs”:

– Blogging Can Get You Fired

– Bloggers Get Scoops Too

– Bloggers Keep News Alive

– Bloggers Can Be Titillating

– Bloggers Can Be Fakers

– Bloggers Make Money

– Most Bloggers Are Women

– [Presidential] Candidates Love Blogs

– Pets Have Blogs Too

– Anyone Can Do It