A wake-up call for bloggers

Super-popular blogger Jason Kottke, is in trouble with Sony for posting first an audio file of a Jeopardy show with serial winner Ken Jennings, then a transcript from the same show that revealed the outcome of his record long winning streak.

Kottke says:

“I can’t say too much about it (soon perhaps), but it sure has had a chilling effect on my enthusiasm for continuing to maintain kottke.org.”

One wonders if Washington Post recieved the same treatment. But regardless if you think Sony is right or overreacting, it seems incredibly naive to think that your blog somehow makes you immune to rules and regulations that are present elsewhere in the world – moral, ethical or otherwise. Of course that is not the case. I have no opinion on if Sony or Kottke are the moral winners in this story, but the incident should serve as a wake-up call for bloggers who are aiming for scoops or are just posting controversial information in general.