Get buzzwhacked

Do you have an LOK (lack of knowledge) to what words like googleproof mean? Then double click on this ghetto fabulous site to stay on top of the latest buzzwords. Buzzwhack have listed popular buzzwords from 1904 to 2004 and you can read the entire list in The Guardian. Recent examples:

1996 ghetto fabulous

1997 dot-commer

1998 text message

1999 Google

2000 bling bling

2001 9/11

2002 axis of evil

2003 sex up

2004 chav

Googleproof: One of the few benefits of sharing a name with a celebrity. It’s virtually impossible for anyone to “google” or find out about you using an Internet search engine. You’re googleproof.

More about new words: Swedish slang dictionary.

Via Constantin Basturea.