New PR knowledge portal

One of the weirdest things about being in PR and having a blog, is to be on the receiving end of a PR pitch. I get emails now and then from PR people who want me to blog about a new book or a service. It is actually very rewarding for someone like me who make a living out of pitching others, to see what it feels like to get a pitch that is not personalized, misspelled or with a Word-file with “track changes” still in it (see Tom Murphy’s comment on that pitch).

Up till now I haven’t really found any of the pitches to be worth commenting on but today I got an email from John Gerstner about the launch of a new knowledge portal for communications, PR and marketing professionals called It could actually be worth checking out in the near future. And I won’t even say a word about how he sent me a press release today that was out on on October 8