Best election blogs awards

Deutsche Welle is doing it. And now Washington Post is doing it. Giving out awards to blogs, that is. (Do I hear anyone say “Hello Sweden?”)

On October 25, Washington Post will be announcing its “Best Blogs – Politics & Elections 2004 Readers’ Choice Awards” to readers’ favorite politics and elections blogs. Categories include Best Democratic Party Coverage, Best Republican Party Coverage, Best Inside the Beltway, Best Outside the Beltway, Most Original and Most Likely to Last Beyond Election Day.

Voting ends on October 15 and [drums please] here (free registration required) are the nominees. Daily Kos is nominated in 7 out of 10 categories. Other obvious candidates are Eschaton, Wonkette, Talking Points Memo, Instapundit and Andrew Sullivan.

A sample from one of the political blogs mentioned above. From Wonkette. Ten reasons to invade Iraq (instead of WMD):

– Didn’t rewind rental tape

– Mixed recyclables

– Wrote a book

– Reads books

– Throws like a girl

– Is too tall

– Fuzzy math

– Prevented OBGYNs from practicing their love

– Wanted us to pass a global test

– Is a BIG GAY