Wanted: Swedish blog awards

Deutsche Welle has taken on the gargantuan task of selecting the world’s best blogs. The Swedish edition of InternetWorld did a halfhearted attempt a year ago to list the 5 best bloggers in Sweden, and in my opinion at least two of them don’t belong on that list (any longer).

Since the Swedish blogosphere has developed rapidly during 2004, I think it is time to introduce a proper award. The award should be presented by InternetWorld, or even better, marketing pubs Resumé or Dagens Media, which would show that blogs are not just geek stuff anymore, but a real communications channel for individuals as well as for polticians, corporates and organizations.

Then divide the award into several different categories like “best private blog”, “best professional blog”, “best design” and “scoop of the year”. That would hopefully accelerate the pace at which blogs are spreading through Sweden. The blogosphere could need a push. In my opinion Sweden is lagging behind other countries in terms of blog acceptance. Since when did we become such IT laggards?