The revolution will not be blogged – in Sweden

A number of bloggers got credentials to cover the Democratic National Convention in Boston and pushed the boundaries of this new medium, sitting side by side (or at least in the same room) with representatives of established media outlets. CNN teamed up with Technorati to create a convention blog and the blogosphere is bubbling with analyses of why this could be a landmark in the development of blogs and how it affects journalism (also see InternetWeek and New York Times, free reg. required). To perform a bit of Google journalism: a search for the term “convention blog” gives us 13,000 hits, so obviously this topic is the talk of the town at the moment.

Some Swedish bloggers have mentioned it briefly, but it baffles me that no Swedish media has written about it. Why? Not a single article has to my knowledge even touched on the topic. Are Swedish journalists in general not interested in writing about the development of their own profession, or shall we just blame the holiday season?

If there are any Swedish journalists reading this, here is a tip. Start by reading the excellent white paper by Daniel W. Drezner and Henry Farrell called “The Power of Politics and Blogs” (pdf), then read through the free (!) new book We the media by Dan Gillmor.