More plagiarism in Scandinavian media

I recently wrote about accusations of plagiarism at Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter. And now new accusations are made, this time in Norway. Blogger and media critic Lars Ruben Hirsch accuses (in Norwegian) Aftenposten of copying an article from Newsweek without properly crediting the source. Hirsch lays out 12 arguments for his case and sent an email to Aftenposten’s editor Per Kristian Haugen asking for a response, but he didn’t get any. Not until looked into the story. Still, Aftenposten does not want to admit to plagiarism.

Presently there is a debate going on in traditional media (here and in Dagens Naeringliv) and in blogs (here and here in English) in Norway about plagiarism and whether this is a common practice among journalists. The same debate would have been healthy to see here in Sweden regarding the Dagens Nyheter case, but instead silence prevails.