IHT praises Sweden

About a week ago, Stockholm got praise in the Washington Post. This week it is the International Herald Tribune who raves about Sweden.

“If all the world were like Sweden, there would be little news to report.”

I guess that’s a compliment (?). The article also predicts that Sweden will attract talented workers (no signs of reversed brain drain yet though – this week an article in Dagens Industri noticed that many more people moved to Ireland to work, than to Sweden).

“…a new study by Professor Richard Florida, of Carnegie Mellon University, which measures the kind of creativity most useful to business – talent, technology and tolerance – puts Sweden at No. 1 in Europe and ahead of the United States. In the future, Florida argues, this means that Sweden will become a “talent magnet” for the world’s most purposeful workers.”

The writer also reflects on the Swedish psyche and turns to filmmaker Ingmar Bergman (sigh!) and his view of “the Swedish soul – its solitariness, its obsessiveness and its melancholia”. Are we really this dull? Let this guy attend a concert with the Hives and he will have a different view of Swedes.