UCLA media bias study under counterfire

UCLA has published a study that finally “proves” that US media has a liberal bias. The usual Swedish suspects are quick to jump on the bandwagon (and make parallels with Sweden). Now, it’s hard for me to comment on the study when I haven’t read it, but after reading the summary I thought the methodology was a bit odd. Then I found this response from Dow Jones, and thery’re not pulling their punches:

“…the research technique used in this study hardly inspires confidence. In fact, it is logically suspect and simply baffling in some of its details.”

They continue:

“First, its measure of media bias consists entirely of counting the number of mentions of, or quotes from, various think tanks that the researchers determine to be “liberal” or “conservative.” By this logic, a mention of Al Qaeda in a story suggests the newspaper endorses its views, which is obviously not the case. And if a think tank is explicitly labeled “liberal” or “conservative” within a story to provide context to readers, that example doesn’t count at all. The researchers simply threw out such mentions.”

They move on with more arguments, and then the final blow:

“Suffice it to say that “research” of this variety would be unlikely to warrant a mention at all in any Wall Street Journal story.”