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Instagram users to go private for one day in spam protest

Although Instagram has taken some measures to crack down on the increasing problem with spam, users are starting to become tired with the amount of fake accounts and comments about how to get more followers. In a response to the lack of action from Instagram, the community of instagrammers have decided to announce Dec 4 as the day many will turn their profiles to private. This protest is intended to send a message to Instagram that users are fed up with the situation, they just want to be able to share images without having to be approached by spammers.

Under the hashtag #onedaywithoutspam you can see protest images like these:

onedaywithoutspam instagram

“Observing a day of protest against all the #spam on Dec. 4 by posting this and setting my profile to Private for 24 hours on that day. Please join in and hopefully #instagram will begin to take more serious steps to address this annoyance that is out of control.”


Whether this will have any effect on the spam problem remains to be seen.

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3 Responses

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  1. Richard Smith says

    Great writeup, and I link to here from a post I just did about Instagram spam. It’s really getting out of hand. Hashtag photo groups I used to enjoy are now mainly ads. Ridiculous.

  2. kullin says

    Thanks Richard, I noticed spammers “liking” the images protesting against spam. It is really getting ridiculous.

Continuing the Discussion

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    […] Instagram spam is exploding, with no stop in sight. Formerly attractive hashtag photo groups are now becoming polluted with ads: Users are increasingly annoyed at the situation, and have organized an informal “instaprotest,” by setting their profiles to private on December 4. […]

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